Here, we have collected a few posts, publishings, and such of what the world does to put words in God's mouths. We've collected and exposed some lies. 

There is a danger in consuming what the world, which doesn't even believe the Bible, says about God.

The professing believer in the Lord Jesus Christ must come to terms with the fact that the world, the popular culture, the major media, the social media, the person at his job or school, mostly does not care what the Bible says. They do not want the real Jesus. They have cast him aside in favor of some fake Jesus, a false "God", that they've created in their own hearts and minds. This is the source of "follow your heart" doctrine.

Following your heart leads to destruction.

The true and living God would not endorse a Catholic Pope's "style." It would not happen, "dude." 

Pope Francis is not awesome. He has helped send thousands if not millions to hell. 


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