Yin and Yang

Hip hop music's Yin Yang Twins.

Yin-Yang symbology.

Why did this hip hop group name themselves "yinyang twins"? These are just basic questions that we don't ask ourselves. Because we just accept what's out there.

We rather question the idea of a patriarchal, authoritatively male Lord, our Father in heaven. We have been trying to reshape what God wants and says, through the working of the devil, who operates through the children of disobedience. This will bring His judgment.

But yet, when I question this goddess worship exalting of the female and rejection of what the King James Bible says about men and women, I am mocked. Why am I mocked, both by professing Christians and lost, unsaved folk? Because children of the devil, and baby believers, usually mock what they don't understand. They don't understand the truth, for one thing.

I must specify the King James Bible. Why? Because the so-called modern bible versions have a different doctrine. I, along with others, call the modern versions like the NIV and the NRSV and such, "Vatican versions" and "gnostic versions."

What is "gnostic"?


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