Women preachers

Lawless "Beguilers" @14m

More numerous than the women pastor is the woman preacher. She's everywhere. She can be found all over social media, dropping life lessons and quotes about how she's dealing with her pain that day. The only thing is that she doesn't use scripture. If she actually used the Bible it would mess her up. No. She's got to keep it generally spiritual.

Now, let me keep a balance here: Some of what the self-labeled woman pastor or preacher says is edifying and-or true. It is not about it being encouraging or based on Bible truths. It is about a position that God in His word says that she is not supposed to take.

It is not about "can I." It is about "should I." It is about "is this right and true?"

It is not about her great singing talent or ability to put together a speech in a clever way.

Some of what I say here is difficult for me. I grew up with strong women. These were mostly good women who mostly claimed Jesus Christ. But in hindsight a lot of what I learned was bending the truth of what makes a women beautiful in God's eyes.

I have a high respect for women. However, to many women in our time, being a "strong women" translates as "boss the men around."

The devil, using the deceived world, is very smart. Understatement. What he does is counter something like what I just said and he'll have deceived women and effeminate men answer: "well, when a women is assertive she's called bad names, and when a man takes charge he is simply taking charge." They use that kind of argument to silence people who point to what God says about men and women. They use that counter to deflate the Bible. Say it outdated or too patriarchal or what have you.

Unfortunately, the Bible says that a women is the weaker vessel who has a place. Doesn't mean she cannot be tough in that place. doesn't mean she cannot ever speak nor be knowledgable and study and such. 


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