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People who hate God hate Tim Tebow not because he is the perfect Christian. But because Tebow reminds them of God. We can critique Tebow's public stand for the Lord Jesus Christ, if we so choose. 

For instance, the very fact that Tebow helps promote sports idolatry makes his stand for Christ seem hypocritical to unbelieving sports fanatics and media personalities. They may not put it in that way, they may simply dislike that he talks about God at all, and don't want to hear about it or be reminded of God. But that is inside them.

So, we could do that with anyone. For instance, with me personally, you could go back into my past and point out things I used to say and do which clearly go against what the Bible commands without repentance and with plenty of self-justification. Not that I nor anyone can turn from their sin. The point is that I realized I couldn't openly do certain things and say that God was okay with them just because I am me. 

That is the order of the day for most people--believing somehow that the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob is okay with pretty much anything and is not going to judge and is some granddaddy in the clouds who never gets angry. The Bible says He is angry with the wicked every day. And it's not just lost unbelievers who are wicked, but Christians who do wicked things. Even saved born again people are wicked when they do the will of Satan. Even on our way to glory, those of us who truly are in the faith must examine ourselves daily.

But the fact is that Tebow usually appears to be walking the walk. And that bothers people who are on the devil's side and openly admit that they are. They'll tell you that it is because Tebow couldn't play football very well, and they're not wrong about that, but that isn't why they're low-key angry about the fact that Tebow exists. When an athlete doesn't live up to the standard and to the attention he gets, the usual and normal reaction is mockery--not hostility.

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Christian angry about Tebow treatment from the world and media are missing the mark. They're not supposed to like him if he's really repping for Christ! Do you not read the Bible? If you do, do you believe what it says? or just say you do?

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