"sight beyond sight"= mystical, eastern, Hindu, etc type spirituality that denies Christ's supremacy. "Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."

"Book of Omens"=Bible, a book of magic, technology, or some fusion. That's how they try to explain such a book. That's their lack of discernment about the Bible.

"clerics">> witches and wizards

Unifying all the "tribes", the animals, to defeat the devil known as Mumm-Ra=New World Order, one world stuff.

"spirit stone">> elephants who are monkish and Dalai Lama type mystics, bearing esoteric wisdom.

"Delicate balance to all things"... "let the answer come to you"... and things like that.

No, because you see, I have a Bible to boss me, not random spirits nor random spiritual wisdom, not Hollywood's wisdom, not Buddhist and Hindu spirituality. No need to pluck answers out of the ether when God cared enough to already give you the answers.

Mumm-Ra is Jesus, or the God of the Bible. A la Smith in "The Matrix" who the antichrist creators of Matrix actually think is Jesus trying to force everyone to be like Him. I didn't understand that about the Matrix when it came out. The common perception is that Neo is the Jesus character, but he's actually the Satan or Lucifer character. "Unite, or fall."... "A light to end the darkness"... careful, because when antichrist people, those who deny Christ, talk about light, they mean an illumination outside of Christ. But it sounds spiritual. 

Lion-O mystical experiences/astral plane visits and so on. Sight beyond sight. 

Speaking of "sight"=All seeing eye... Eye of Thundera.


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