Thorny ground believer

One thing that true born again believers must accept is that the world is not going to celebrate your zeal for the Lord Jesus Christ. The ones who get angriest and mock you the most for seeking the righteousness of God are sometimes those who profess to be Christians. 
I had to come to terms with this. I had to understand that it happens to every man and every woman who decides, "I'm just going to believe that Bible. I am just going to trust that God is capable of not only giving his inspired word but preserving it in the common language of today, which is English. I'm going to walk by it as far as God can help me and with sincerity." 

As soon as you decide things like this, and you start rejecting the world's spirit of humanist psychology, Eastern mysticism, "it takes a village" government control, the devil really does take notice. He starts sending stronger enemies and stumbling blocks your way.

The good news is that the Lord is sending stronger helps, too. I know that personally and observationally and anecdotally. I wouldn't have a chance without God's help. I like to say "I can't even swallow bread and water without Him." I want to stay in my proper place with the Lord. 


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