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Characters use Bible references and verses quite frequently. This mixing in of Bible is common. both in real life and in Hollywood productions. This is partly why people don't believe that bible-believing Christians are the real Christians. Most people, both in churches and without, believe that the apostate Christianity that they see in movies and on religious TV, and that they hear in music, is the true Christianity. They don't respect that double-minded faith but they see that as the true one. Because at least this fake Christianity which denies the true and living God tries to conform to the world. But in every man and woman's deepest conscience and heart, is a knowledge of Jesus Christ as the only way, truth and life. 

"the Outsiders"

Hector Williams. Portrayed as good guy who "has faith", who "believes." He has what appears to be a cross tattooed over his heart but the name Jesus is never mentioned. The only time "Jesus" is mentioned in this or any other series by regular characters is in mockery. But the so-called spirituality is always present in these shows, these programs.

the Williams character is brought into the voodoo faith during the episode. You might think that the point is to dilute any faith this soldier has with the false religion of these people in the jungle. "River Goddess."

Now we as professing Christians have got to understand that there is a constant or at least a consistent attack on our belief in what the Bible says. There is a relentless jabbing that aims to get us to form a Jesus, a God, outside of the Bible. Remember that the word was with God and the word was God. The word in that sense is speaking of Jesus Christ. So, yes, God is larger than the Bible in one way, but from our limited view we are folish to try to be deeper than scripture. This is where the mysticism and Catholicism and apostasy set in. Getting outside the words, the Word, of God will always lead to error. There are no exceptions. We just need to come to terms with that. 


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