This is the kind of social media preaching that you're going to see.

 God has a perfect timing for everything. Learn to wait on Him. This brings Him honor, and it brings you peace. (see Psalm 27:14)

dIs there anything wrong with that? Loaded question, because if you want, you can find fault with just about anything. 

But we as born again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are meant to have spiritual discernment. That means that we are supposed to judge things and people, including ourselves, using the inspired and PRESERVED words of God as our standard. 

I say "inspired and preserved" in a pointed way because nearly every pastor and preacher avoids that whole issue. It is the bible version issue. It is, "do we have access to the true word of God" issue. I stand with those who believe that the Lord is big enough and powerful enough and all-seeing, all-knowing enough to actually hand down a bible that we can hold in our hands, today. In other words, He can keep it, preserve it, pass it down through all generations, and for all generations, forever. If you don't believe that, if you believe that we must go to Greek and Hebrew to get a quote-unquote full understanding, then what I'm saying right now is going to bother you. If you think that the quote-unquote Bible is really just some idea floating around in the clouds which we can independently shift around and edit, I already know you dislike or even hate the King James Bible. You hate the idea that there is a solid standard that you cannot cast away with your "we all have a different interpretation" trash. 

Let me go further: I know that "judging" goes against 21st century Christianity so-called. I know that making judgments causes the average American churchgoer to catch a cold chill. But we are to judge so that we can avoid not only physical danger but spiritual danger. 

Back to our social media preaching. I want to point out that these feel-good blurbs are fine for encouragement. However, notice that the most popular memes and spiritual-sounding blurbs rarely if ever actually quote the Bible itself. They will point you to the verse that they're referencing. But they won't give you the words of God, which are good for instruction, reproof as well as making you feel that God loves you. 

They won't give you the actual words, instead simply summarizing it in their own way, because the bible or bible version that you use will mark you. It will divide camps. And I understood at some time in the past that this avoiding is a business, or a social, decision. It is a decision based on the coming antichrist system and kingdom. Why do I say that? Because that future wicked, evil God rejecting system will come to strength by preaching a false peace. It is a spirit not of God, which goes about using all levels of earthly powers and influences, to bring everyone together in apostate unity. The only people standing against this stuff is, and will be, the true born again Christians. Who know that Psalm 133 is not talking about a "judge not" type unity. 

Let me stress again: There's nothing in itself wrong with these encouraging type messages. 

But if that's all we're getting from this form of preaching then we're eating cupcakes and drinking soda all day, and we're going to get ill from such a spiritual diet.

All of the preachers in teh Bible who the Lord admired and held up for examples, all the way up to Jesus Himself, didn't purposely go about to anger people. However, their preaching still angered people and these preacher men knew that the anger was coming. 

This idea that 


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