The professing Christian who is a Star Wars fanatic is playing both sides of a fence. He or she is claiming to hold to the truths of Jesus Christ and the words of God, while at the same time staying engaged with the world's entertainments.

I already know that most of you "Star Wars Christians" are going to reject this message. It doesn't take much discernment to know that. You're drunk with the spirit of the world and you're going to defend your entertainment. 

But my job as a believer and follower of Christ, is not to concern myself with whether you accept the truth. It is simply to speak the truth. God working through the Holy Spirit will do the rest... or He will do little or nothing because of your resistance.

I pray that there will be a few who are convicted and pricked in their consciences. 

Why would a person claiming to be a Christian use this photo and caption, to link the devil known as "Yoda" with the New Testament church?... because that person doesn't understand where Yoda comes from.

Are you surrounding yourself with these images and idols, Christian?


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