"Sports are my life"

Paraphrase of football coach Nick Saban: "nothing in my life beats this championship moment. nothing. nothing."

Jesus Christ should be your life. He is whether you agree with that or not. You and I wouldn't exist, wouldn't subsist, without Jesus.

The Bible says that Jesus holds all things together. That means the world, the universe, you and me, would fall apart, disintegrate, if Jesus decided to let it all go. 

That's a good reason to thank Him. We cannot repay God, but we can give him honest and sincere praise. We can give Him all the glory. 

Now, some brother right now is curling his lip thinking, "we're just people, we're sinners whether forgiven or not, so there's no way to give Him ALL the glory!" The idea is to strive toward giving Him the glory, okay? Not to say "we can't live up to the standard so just be yourself and wallow." There is a lot of that kind of thinking among professing Christians in the 21st century. I get away from that kind of thinking because it's cowardly. It is saying "I give up." And I don't want to give up unless it's giving up my life for God. People who say "just do you because only Jesus is perfect" will put out your fire. They will influence and infect you spiritually. 


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