Do you honestly believe the use of the rainbow colors, which the LGBTX, or sodomite 'community', has co-opted from the true and living God, is an accident?

Facebook or whoever created this imagery for the social media platform, has linked Martin L. King, Jr., to that rainbow.

The world falsely thinks that the rainbow flag belongs to gays, when God put the bow in the heavens after the flood described in Genesis to reference his covenant with mankind.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is often mentioned in the same breath as the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is a shame at best, and totally offensive and blasphemous to God the Father at worst. 

People like Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Buddha, Muhammed and others are too.

bo 1-18-16 mlk. MLK idolatry. breakdown MLK on several levels. NBA. NFL. NHL "could do something too"

bo 9-12-16 unite.

The infantilized MLK is child's play compared to your infantilized Jesus.

Downgrading MLK will not send you to hellfire and eternal separation from God. There is no comparison. Who cares what King did, when held next to Jesus saving your very soul? King would surely try to warn you from where he is today.


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