A form of godliness...

Will God really "ALWAYS be there to guide us through even the toughest of times"? The Bible says that God turns his face from those who reject his instruction and especially His son Jesus Christ's sacrifice for all sinners. God has grace and mercy, even for the lost, because He's giving us a chance. But those chances are not unlimited. One day you and I are going to die. There won't be a reset button.

"Don't find yourself. Create yourself." This sounds empowering and even spiritual. In a sense, it is, but in the wrong way. We are meant to be self-actualizing; that is,  masters of our own destiny, with this kind of statement. The King James Bible says we don't even know what a day will bring. We don't really have control, but we want to act as if we do. This is dangerous on more than one level.

The reason many of us like these nice sweet sayings is, we want godliness without the source of that godliness.

That's why you see "Seek God" in the middle of all that white noise. Which God are they speaking about? Truth is that they might not even know 'which God'. 

And if your response to that is, You don't know other people's hearts... I can answer with the Bible: the issues of the heart come forth from the mouth. If you love your husband or wife you will speak about them. If you love your children you're going to talk about them. And if you love Jesus Christ, His name will leave your mouth from time to time no matter who's around. But if it's a generic "God", that is telling on you. Either you don't really know Him, or you are a baby believer who understandably doesn't know better.

Be sober. Be vigilant. And don't be deceived by spirituality that removes Christ. Amen!

For most of us, the sayings on this post are pleasant and almost profound. For most, these types of statements are at least not harmful for us to follow.

So, why criticize them?

Because unless a statement matches up with the Holy Bible, it is not harmless. As I say, that doesn't apply for the most part with the memes and inspirational sayings you're looking at on this page.

"Be humble" and "Be kind to people" are scriptural, for example.

"Learn from the past, live in the present" matches with the Bible as well.

Others in that list and ones like it, are okay for a bible-believing Christian.

The problem is that these platitudes, these sweet words, always seem to leave the Lord Jesus Christ out of the equation.

All the nice acts and words in the world are wrong, when God is absent from the mixture. If you are rolling your eyes and sighing, that's a sure sign you have rejected Jesus. Or, you are actually saved, but still a baby believer who doesn't appreciate our Lord.


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