Hating sodomy is not hating sodomites

I'm not homophobic. I simply love what God loves, because I love God. Loving what God loves necessarily means that I hate what He hates. God does hate some things. .

How do we know God is against sodomy? Bible.

If you say you are Christian, but disagree with scripture, then stop disagreeing... or stop claiming you're something you're not.

We have to get that basic and direct, because people are so educated and sarcastic that they cannot digest simplicity.

Collectively we are saturated with information and trivia, but not with wisdom.

The King James Bible is the way to avoid deception. Going against that book means that you WILL be deceived. Disagree? Do you believe that the NIV and other "modern bible versions" are equally valid? Then you are set up to be tricked and leavened. That doesn't mean that someone cannot be saved and born again by reading the New International Version. God can do anything with nothing. God surely has and does and will save people with corrupted texts, probably because the true words of the Lord are scorned and cast aside so much that He does what He has to do. However, you must realize that all those ever-shifting bible versions have changed and continue to change basic doctrine, such as the deity of Christ. If you have the wrong Jesus Christ, you have the wrong Christianity. This is partly why the unsaved world is largely ignorant of the faith. This is why lost people mock King James Bible believers--because the version of Christianity they've been conditioned to accept is set upon the NIV and other versions. 

The NIV committee was and is dotted with people who are sympathetic or encouraging of men with men and women with women. Don't believe me... go and research it for yourself. So these people removed or adjusted all references to sodomy being wrong. They didn't agree that God hates men acting like women and vice versa, so things like "effeminate" are gone. 


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