The actual oppressors

The gays and their supporters believe that they are feeling pressed and persecuted by Christians who believe the Bible. They think that's the reason they are committing suicide, hating themselves, unhappy: Because a bible believer is out there speaking against me.

But that's not why they can't find peace.

Think about why the LGBTQX and so on, must legislate and boycott and economically pressure others, to accept their CHOICE of behavior and believing. 

It is very basic. When you must force me to accept and even promote what you do, you are not at peace.

They even change who God is, saying He would approve of men with men and women with women, among other wrong and unnatural things. But the King James Bible is clear about what the Lord thinks and feels about these things.

He said it's unclean, unnatural, unholy. He said nature itself says somethings are a shame.

They will answer what I'm saying right now by saying, "It is the Christians who are the oppressors."

There is a tried-and-true progression. Another way to describe it is propaganda. We are all involved of propaganda, whether creating or consuming it. No one is out of the game. What propaganda, what message, are you sending? Because I promise, you are sending one. You are working for one of only two bosses. 

The progression is also known as "incrementalism." Like an army that takes ground from the enemy a few yards at a time. Oh, you're okay with this new line and boundary? Okay, we'll erase that and scratch a new one a few steps further into your area. That's how the devil works.

"It is religion which has hurt gays and women and minorities." This is a common simplistic answer to the world's problems. It's religion's fault. It's the church's or a church's fault. It's God's fault. That is what you and I have heard over and over. Everything is okay if we could just get that King James Bible and that loud preacher and that thumping church fellow out of my sight. Then, we'll have peace. Then, we'll fellowship in love.

Entertainer Magic Johnson defended his son, telling us that he supports E.J. "in every way." You cannot survive on the platforms where Magic lives without approving of every kind of perversion. You must publicly spit on what God wants. If you are aiming to be a big shot in sports or as a celebrity in general, just remember that.

The gay, the homosexual, the LGBT, the sodomite, cannot find true peace for the same reason all the rest of us who live in and endorse sin cannot. None is better in that respect. 

Those of us who justify ourselves before the Lord by rejecting Jesus and remaining in unrepentant sin, are not going ot have peace now, and certainly will not have peace in the distant future when we're separated from God, forever. 

The Bible says that this separation WILL last forever. That's a very long time. Hell is a real place, and most people who have ever or will ever live on this planet are going to be there. That's what the Bible says. Few be that find it. Few! 

"Well, preacher, you're trying to scare people into believing." I don't have that much power. I wish I did. But for sure, we ought to fear. 


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