Shirley Murdock

Shirley Murdock spent a lot of her professional life, helping to make adultery fashionable and acceptable and no big deal.

She’s not alone, of course. 

"Without You" She's crawling back after cheating.

Women in subsequent years simply shrugged off the whole thing. No going back, no regrets.

Feminist themes and memes

"Go on without" She's a "victim" for cheating (again). 

"You took" she says. "took from me"

"I want back" because I went and had my fun, now it's not fun anymore, and I want to come back. "Now I'm home"... Um, consequences? This is a dumb dude if he takes her back.

biblical instructions for forgiving adultery. deal with that. she's still wrong.

"As we lay" probably more popular. Clearly adulterous.

"Husband" Is this a harlot or what? "You're being harsh"... am I? Why would you sing this type of song over and over? Why put this into the atmosphere? Well, of course it sells. But why? Because you're working for the devil. This is not just entertainment

Link to "follow your heart, pebbles and babyface"


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