Raising Children

Bo 1-10-16-165. interview with Foxworth and his wily son.

Notice the leniency talk. "It's funny to see a child act up."

What does the King James Bible say? To not spare the rod.

The first thing that many people think of, when this proverb is raised, is "child abuse." We're not talking about child abuse here. We are talking about biblical correction delivered by a parent.

Foxworth too weak to discipline his unruly child.

Milquetoast men who soothe the kid instead of teach him in masculine, godly love.

These kind of men do this because of their wives, who largely have been conditioned and programmed to dominate their husbands and families. The sodomy, the lesbianism, is a cousin to all of this rebellious, feminist spiritism.


after Bo 1 10 16 165 break: More child enabling talk. Who says Foxworth can't do anything just because he is on the radio? He failed.

In the 21st century, he would have been roasted in social and major media for correcting his child with an audible spanking. But he would have been right. According to the Bible, he would have been on God's side.


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