homeless poor

the poor will always be with you.

rememember martha was angry that mary was at Jesus's feet. Martha was doing a good work but Mary was with Jesus. That's the top of the line.

Homeless beggars in America versus the Philippines.

Saying you care and not wanting to examine any closer as to what happened to that individual and to us all, and throwing government programs and finagling those programs all the time so that people aren't really helped, is sad.

You're angry for the downtrodden. This is where "War on Poverty" which is a silly concept from jump street comes from.

You taking that kind of "let's just throw cash and programs" thinking is not an indicator that you care more than anyone else.

There is a ramp up of sign holders in America. Why?

"The poor you will always have with you" does not mean put our affections on feeding homeless above almost everything, feling spiritual because we spoon out food at the mission and handing bums ten dollar bills. Jesus means, you can do all that and more, and God blesses it. But focusing on Him will guide you into doing that and much more for the kingdom. 

Feeding somebody that's hungry is a good work. But it doesn't take precendence, or priority, over simply doing what God wants you to do. 

Well, what does God want you to do? Someone is asking that right now. Gotta be direct and say things that seem obvious. They are obvious once you get into the Bible, reading it, believing it, obeying it. 

 You're asking it and you've got a haughty spirit in the asking. Because you think we can't know what the Lord commands. You think that we need to go inside ourselves and find that out.

What does God want from you and me? you go in the Bible. The word was with God and the word was God. Be the man or woman or child that the Bible describes as pleasing to Him. Be the mother or father He said is good. You're trying to save the world and fight injustice you see, and you're not even right with God. Your house, your family's not right with God. 

Judas Isacariot angry about the woman who is totally focused on Jesus and gave some precious gift to anoint Him. He's more worried about the cash and overall the world than the worship. Are you and I like that? 


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