Obama's push for sodomy: a timeline and breakdown

There is this very strong narrative that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are these "classy" folks. That they're so upright and gracious. It is not true.

Obama is snarky and so is Michelle. 

Faust: "Should/NIce?" @46m. Obama is silky smooth, nice, classy, to a lot of folks. But it's false. It's a veneer. And church folk fall for it, even inviting Obama up into pulpits to speak! He's preaching! But he doesn't even believe the bible.

Faust: "Rebuking Boston's Interfaith"

Now next to Trump they may very well be classy. But just because a three inch wound is better than a nine inch wound doesn't make the three inch wound great. they're both bad. Trump? Obama? Clintons, Bushes? According to the word of God they're all bad. All the princes of the world set themselves against the Lord and what He wants. I don't care if apostate, bible rejecting professing Christians put Obama up in a pulpit. He is not a Christian, and I can back that up with Obama's own words on multiple occasions.

One major way that Obama is not classy is that he has consistently pushed forth the sodomites. He's exalted them and held them up. 

The fact that President Barack Obama tried so hard on this issue, and its sister issue of feminism which destroys manhood and exalts women, is sometimes cheered by people with little to no discernment. If you say, "Obama is a man who doesn't like men," and all the ways that this applies, there are millions who would applaud that. 

A classy person doesn't say that sodomy is acceptable and even healthy.


From Breitbart:


In a commentary praising former President Barack Obama and his efforts to promote homosexual rights and commit the United States to an international “climate change” agreement, Voguemagazine claims it’s “high time we gave up” on President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump because she has not furthered Obama’s legacy.

The piece, written by Michelle Ruiz, who is “a Vogue.com contributing editor who played Gloria Steinem in the seventh grade play,” begins by blasting President Trump’s decision to stop accommodating transgender individuals who want to serve in the military and receive government-paid sex reassignment surgery and other perks.

“Just this June, in honor of Pride Month, the presidential daughter and special assistant to the president pledged to be an ally for the LGBTQ community, tweeting, ‘I am proud to support my LGBTQ friends and the LGBTQ Americans who have made immense contributions to our society and economy,’ the author wrote. “That support evidently doesn’t extend to the likely thousands of trans servicepeople (that’s the “T,” in LGBTQIA, Ms. Trump), who signed up to risk their lives on behalf of all Americans and whose careers now hang in the balance.”

After expressing doubt that Ivanka has “her father’s ear,” the author moves on to the pressing matter of climate change — and Planned Parenthood.

“On climate change: It was she who met with Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio during the transition, only to see her father make the U.S. one of the only developed nations on the planet to pull out of the Paris climate accord,” the author wrote. “While she fancies herself an ‘advocate for the education and empowerment of women and girls,‘ she’s been conspicuously (dead) silent as her father rolled back workplace protections that apply to the gender pay gap and continues to urge (to the point of public shaming) GOP congressmen to defund Planned Parenthood and pass health care bills that would strip coverage from millions of women—not quite a boon to women’s empowerment.”

Then they author quotes Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer, who rates his replacement poorly.

“Ivanka might be the least influential Presidential advisor in history,” said Pfeiffer, who obviously has a higher opinion of his own advisory abilities.

The commentary goes on to trash Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, and even President Trump’s speech to the Boy Scouts.

The author concludes that Ivanka should stick to an earlier claim she recently made.

“Ivanka recently went so far as to return to her pre-White House claim that she tries to ‘stay out of politics.‘ Another translation? She’s all but given up, and it’s high time we gave up on her, too.”



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