"You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge."

Niggaz Wit Attitude

Straight outta Compton

The world celebrated the Compton film. Throwback to the group's glory days. Lots of artists inspired by them. 

Gangsta rap, so-called.

It and they are seen as some great celebration of mainstream acceptance. But it is just wickedness exalted.

"Art is art."

Black America has a voice?

Complimenting evil.

Some may ask, "Why are you bringing attention to this?" Because a professing Christian has stumbled upon these words while searching for content on NWA. A lost person who rejects the Lord Jesus Christ is here, absorbing this message. The Holy Spirit brought you here. You've been listening to this stuff, maybe for decades, or maybe you've just discovered it and you're 14 years old. It is no accident that you're here.

"Appetite for Destruction": The title alone!

The song's constant nerve tightening sounds.

Let's look at music's effects. 

Music is not neutral.

I used to like that thing where the church would take a secular pop song and replace it with so-called godly lyrics. 

The old joke about replacing the object of songs with Jesus, from he/she/you.



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