"Street Disciple"

break down his mix of scriptural themes with black pride and crime life and street life throughout his music. all the foolishness.

album cover blasphemes the Lord Jesus Christ by picturing himself as comparable.

Nas fancies himself as some brand of Christian believer. But he is really a rebel. 

link to Asap Rocky crew.

All the times he presents himself as a prophet, pseudo Christian. But he can't say that Jesus is the greatest. He only invokes the name of Jesus Christ as a joke or in a belittling way.

link back to carry the cross.

Nas even has a song titled "Carry the cross."

"God's Son"

Nasir Jones.

He paints himself over and over as a god who should be exalted. And he is certainly exalted by those who reject Jesus.

Nas hates Bush but buttkisses Obama. HC lyric.


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