Mystery Science Theater 3000

The comeback culture encouraged.

Armchair critics don't do much, accomplish even less. Sit back and throw darts. This is seen as a great skill, as something to be admired: This thing of cutting others down and sneering and belittling. This so-called skill is practiced and honed and honored by our society. Sharpened. Late night comics. Filthy comedians.

Faust: Dejected Jesters... Embers wet blankets @38m "laughing at things you ought not laugh at."

Teenage Crimewave. Continual mocking of Bible and country/rural. This is not news at all. We just want to make a note of it. 

"Soultaker"--"there is no God" @1:14:00 CLIP SHOW

Movie portrayal of Christians. This crew simply falls in line with that outlook of bible believers. They've watched all the films and have been indoctrinated to hate Christ and Christians.

These people try to act upright in a few ways, i.e., respecting females sometimes. Again, the indoctrination they've consumed over years of Hollywood means they have to act indignant and offended by certain jokes about women. But in general their humor is necessarily profane. So, they are merely hypocrites.

"City on Fire" @47m "Let's pretend I'm a woman" CLIP SHOW



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