Memento (film)

Tricks you into seeing a bad guy as the hero. You feel sorry for him. Even though the main character was not a great guy before his memory loss. 

The Shield show link. That show does the same, makes a reprehensible person the protagonist and you enter his world and you cheer for him.

Hollywood testimony, brief version.

The language.

The opening of the whole film mocks the Bible to let you know where he, that is, the film makers, stand.

Christians who want to watch Hollywood (we use that word to illustrate popular culture's movie, TV, and music entertainments) must understand that God is not happy when you place wickedness before your eyes.

You might argue that there is some wholesome, quality Hollywood entertainment. I might answer that you are either joking, or you are totally deceived. The world does not love nor even like Jesus. This is obvious to a true follower of Christ. Somehow lots of professing Christians deny that fact: The world hates Christ. Just take that in, and work it into your worldview. That's why, when you go and watch this stuff, almost every single movie and show curses out the Lord, or blasphemes Him in some way, within the first few minutes. By that time you feel invested in the show. Your heart is cut and grieved, that's the HOly Spirit in you, but you continue. 

Who are the film makers here? What other works have they done? think about that word "works." Works show who you are, when they're public and you're open about it. We don't have to dig in people trash to see. They tell us. You and I tell others who we are.


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