"Imagine there's no heaven..."

"Imagine" is a beloved song by the unbelieving, Christ-rejecting, Bible-hating world. Unfortunately, many Christians love that song, too. Right now, we're going to break down why people who claim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ ought to get some discernment and lose their affection for this God-hating song.

The Beatles were admitted, open Satanists. To be a satanist does not necessarily mean you worship the image of a red-skinned man-creature with horns. It simply means that you worship yourself, in essence. You are doing what feels right to you, in your own heart. This is all basic stuff but somebody needs to know this.

When you say "follow your heart" you are a practical satanist. That is what leaders of that religion say it is!

The true Christian who actually believes the Holy Bible and wants to walk by it, imperfectly but genuinely, does not go around saying "follow your heart." Jeremiah 17:9 tells us plainly that our hearts are deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Most people who have been in a church for any significant length of time have heard that verse. Some will nod their heads and say Amen. Some have it memorized and act like it is old hat. But few professing Christians believe that the human heart is depraved and wicked outside of Christ.

We tend not to believe that about ourselves, for sure. Again, this is simple, basic stuff that every Christian should take to heart and should hear from his preacher on a regular basis. We need to be reminded that we are not good people who do some bad things. We are selfish and vicious by nature, even when it's cloaked in spiritual talk and fair speeches and smiles, who do some good works. Everything that the devil and his children do is headed toward the opposite of what God wants and loves.

The Beatles have Aleister Crowley on their album cover.  


No professing Christian should take this song seriously. We are talking about the Bible and whether we believe it, now. Not whether something sounds beautiful or looks pleasant to the eye.


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