Can't Touch This.

thanks "God" within the first few lines of the song. Notice how many popular songs do this. Then the songs go on to endorse lasciviousness and so on.

What is "lasciviousness"?

Gives that Christian veneer but then goes the other way. This is called double-minded, or being unstable as water.


"Pray"  uses a Prince sample. Prince promoted an unclean mix of profane religiosity.

If you have success in the music industry at all, and especially on the level of Hammer, you are yoked up with a lot of people and with spirits that are not of God. Period. It doesnt matter how many crosses are around your neck or times that you mention "the Lord" in your lyrics. 

Hammer is by most accounts a genuine and charitable man. But... does he represent the faith? it is a fair question since he 

Going up yonder.

Do not pass me by. :(

Deion Sanders connection.

Oaktown 3.5.7.

Pride and carnal.


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