Malcolm Gladwell,


David v. Goliath

Seeing a YouTube advertisement with Gladwell talking about David v. Goliath caught my attention. 

Gladwell is not a Christian, so immediately my sensor to shield myself against satanic thinking and teaching was on alert. And for good reason.

Gladwell makes the Bible story into "a concept" and not truth. To him, and most of the people who revere him as an intellectual and likewise reject the true and living God, it is just another myth. "We can get something from that, but it is not reality" and such thinking. 

Gladwell attributes Goliath's loss to David as "the blindness of the giant" who thinks he cannot be beaten. There is some truth to that sliver of what the story means. But Gladwell must necessarily cut out the absolute truth and authority of the Bible itself. This is part of huge deceptions that keep people from salvation. Take the Lord Jesus Christ out, take accountability for our sin out, and make it into a simple allegory. This is what Gladwell does here. And I say this before reading his book. How can I say these things without reading his book? Because he would not be a best-selling author held up by major media if he was preaching Christ. Yet he brings Christ up? How does he bring Christ up when he is talking about David and Goliath, you might ask? "In the beginning the word was with God and the word was God." That is talking about the Bible, or scripture; and it is talking about Jesus Christ too, because those are the same thing!


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