LeBron James is no King.

Little children, keep yourself from idols.

Whether this is talking to actual children or children in the faith or both, Christians need to understand why this idolatry, this worship of men and women, is flawed and in the end, evil. God helping me, I'm going to keep exposing it. 

The devil is extremely clever. That's an understatement, true?

He knows so much more than all of us. He's been watching and waiting, patiently, like the serpent that he is. 

He appears as an angel of light. 

He seems even more intelligent than he really is, all-seeing even, and it is partly because he has see so many men and women over centuries that he can predict what's coming next. But he is not omnisicent. Only the Lord sees all and knows all. The devil is a counterfeit. But to deceived humans that counterfeit appears genuine.

LeBron James is a counterfeit king, too. That's why Satan has and will continue to use LeBron James in a mighty way.

LeBron James is a COEXIST social justice warrior. Remember Trayvon Martin?

LeBron James is a cross dresser.

LeBron James has daddy issues. No coach is as smart as him. He openly turns his back on them and stupid sports fans applaud him for his rebellion. 

The devil will not stop pushing false kings, fake gods, at you and me, not until Jesus Christ comes back through the clouds and stops him. Remember as Jesus ascended after his resurrection, he said he was coming back the same way he left. That is, through the air. People love these superhuman films and entertainments but mock Jesus rising. "Well, the entertainments are fiction" Sure, but you sure put a lot of thought and time into that stuff. You sure pretend you can fly as a kid or even adults. You sure do imagine and fantasize about it, if you spend time watching it a lot.


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