The world (the unsaved, the unbelievers) love this kind of sentiment at your left.

They hate the Lord Jesus because he testifies that their works are evil. You can be sure that if Jesus Himself were before them, they would say He was being judgmental. And they would be right.

But Jesus has the right to be judgmental because only his judgment is infallible. And those of us, that slim number, who agree with Him can judge based on His standard.

Now we can be balanced here. Let's tick off the obvious stuff: We are all sinners who have all fallen short of God's standard. That's what "sin" means--missing the mark. 

But this idea that we ignore everything in the name of love is ridiculous. That is not love. The example or illustration can be of someone who slaps someone you love (or, you). Are you going to judge that action? Even if you don't get angry and react, yes, you would judge that action. It is not love to ignore wrong simply to get along.

It is not loving to say, "Well, that doesn't affect me" when God's word clearly says that something should be avoided or should not be done. Just because you say "I love those who hold different views"... do you really? Can you look someone in the eye and tell them they are currently on their way to hellfire for their rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ as the only way to the true and living God?

We're not even talking about railing nor shaking Bibles in people's faces. We are talking about simply telling them when the opportunity presents itself. and it always does if you are discerning and ready.

People act as if nothing is wrong. Life is okay and in fact getting better because they got the latest smart phone and there is money in their bank account.

"I don't understand why Christians are saying anything about anything," they say. 

Popular culture, the world, the devil, has portrayed Christians as finger pointer hypocrite judgers. Truth is that those who've rejected teh truth of the words of God, the KJB authorized version, are teh judgmental ones. Rejected by way of total God denial or accepting little g gods. 

Professing Christians who are that way, aren't following Christ out of immaturity or other reasons. 

The true believer will have balance. He will rightly judge and divide the word and allow the word to judge. In the spirit of meekness.

"Well, Jesus doesn't come to condemn, he comes to save." Taht's right, because the Bible has already condemned us! Few of the Jesus doesn't want to judge people say that part of it. We need balance.

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