The “Jesus piece” has been a hip hop fashion statement for years. Jay-Z repeatedly tells us that he doesn’t read the Bible or believe in Christ as Lord. Then why not sport a Buddha or Muhammed or Ganesh necklace? Because people influenced by demonic spirits are obsessed with the true God. Open the Bible and read John 5:6-7.


Meanwhile, many of the world’s most popular people make Him into a fashion piece. It is not that they are “bad people” who don’t deserve to wear the cross. The Bible says we are all wicked, notably in Jeremiah 17:9. The Bible reveals that one sin, just one, is the Lord’s prerogative and justification to send us to hell. None of us deserves anything when you think about it.


There are going to be some “bad people” in heaven, no doubt, and “good people” in hell… because they believed on Jesus Christ, and did not honestly truly believe, respectively. Not believe in Him–believe Him. We never hear famous people witnessing about Jesus, yet someone is always swinging the cross on a chain.


So when we see these fashion statements, the discerning believer must conclude that our Lord is probably being mocked, not exalted. Pop culture doesn’t celebrate Jesus. This is not news, but a lot of people don’t seem to realize that. It bears repeating. No matter how many crosses we see on the bodies of Hollywood stars, the world does not love Jesus Christ. And if you truly love Him and contend for His standard, the world hates you, too. (John 15:18)

It's a mockery even when these celebrities and "average" people dont know what they're helping the devil to do, and are being sincere and really believe they're on God's side. They are simply being used.


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