Jack Black

Me personally, I don't have anything against Jesus any more than I do any of the religious icons. I think they're all pretty funny.

--Jack Black, www.believermag.com

"Shallow Hal" wants you to believe that it is a feel-good kind of film that preaches "see the inner beauty."

I use this film as a picture, a sample, of the entertainer named Jack Black, and of what popular entertainment does. They draw you in with sentiment and emotion before mixing in the profane and the antichrist spirit.

Jack Black tries to soft-pedal his hatred of the Lord Jesus Christ: "I'm kind of an atheist." There is no such thing. You are, or you aren't. Neither Jack Black nor you nor me gets to stand in the middle. His "god" is rock music, or whatever else... but it is not the true God. "It fills that void for me," Black says of rock n' roll. No, it doesn't. Nothing fills the void except a real belief that Jesus is the Lord. He will find that out sooner than he thinks.

The very first scene in "Shallow Hal" features young Hal's preacher daddy on his deathbed. Preacher dad is out of his mind with pain as he lays dying, and spits out a bunch of trash about chasing pretty women. He perverts his son's mind to worship goddesses. 

You could try to pass this off as a pain-afflicted man of God who doesn't know what he's saying at the end. I am aware that this does happen on occasion. The devil can mess with the minds of true children of God, so that a person who is older or ill or in great pain can and will say horrible, wicked things. But that's too easy in this case, where the producers of this film (the Farrelly Brothers) have a track record of messing with the viewers' minds.

As in many Hollywood productions, the filmmakers and actors immediately mock the Bible and bible believers. That is the threshold at which professing Christians decide, "Am I to continue watching this?"

Most professing Christians are going to say, "Ah, well. It's entertainment. I don't like that this movie is already laughing at the church and preachers and the Bible. But I'm already engaged now."

There are studies which show that within a few minutes of watching television or film, our brains enter a kind of sleep.

Does it seem as if I'm picking on Jack Black? I'm not. I used to have some of the same attitudes and thoughts toward Jesus. And for me it was worse because I would have professed to be a Christian in those youthful days. The point is, I know I was wrong and I repent of that.

I point out Jack Black and other entertainers and personalities, because they influence so many. Maybe you used your search engine for something, and somehow ended up here. Jack Black helps to lead a lot of people in the wrong direction, away from God. He is a mocker and scoffer. 

The person who is lost like Jack Black and currently on his way to hellfire... and the person who might be considering a true belief in our Father God in heaven... and the person who is in the faith but in backsliding to the world again, are all affected by the Jack Black types. These types laugh at the Bible while occasionally seeming to be reflective about the center of everything, which is Jesus Christ.

The person who claims Jesus shouldn't give any money or attention to Jack Black and the ideals he puts forth. He comes right out and tells you that he hates Jesus... yet you go to his movies and smile at his antics. Is your conscience completely numbed? Do you really love God, or do you just say that you do?

I'm aware that none of us loves God as we should or could. But there is a humbling and conviction that we imperfect believers have. This will push away the world and its systems and pull toward the Lord. We don't do works for salvation, but faith without works is dead. That means the faith and the love for Christ will compel us to do things for Him and unto Him. This is where the Roman Catholics and most other religions mess up and pervert the gospel.

Jack Black: I love Satan. Christianity is so boring. If Star Wars didn't have that evil imprint, they wouldn't sell two tickets. Satan sells tickets. 

More on Jack Black and "Shallow Hal".

"I'm a Jew," Jack Black is quoted as saying in believermag.com. "Thirty-three is when Christ died. So though I'm a Jew, in the back of my mind I still think that I gotta get it done before I'm thirty-four because well, I don't know why. He got it done before He was thirty-four."

See how the lost people of the world are obsessed with Christ? It happens over and over. "I don't know why [I am running with my messed-up idea of Christ]," said Black. The King James Bible tells us why. He is trying to be Jesus in some weird, demonic way. It's pretty simple.

They want to know ABOUT Jesus. They want to take gospel accounts of Him and twist them and joke about them. Maybe, sometimes, they even want to be inspired by, and discuss them, in a somewhat serious way. But they do not want the truth of Jesus Christ. 

People controlled by, and tormented by, devils always have Christ on their minds. They're obsessed with Him and want to discount and belittle Him at the same time. No wonder they are so mixed up. No wonder they hate the person who comes right out and says, "The Bible is true and I just believe it, and I have assurance of glory with the Lord because I believe it, without works lest any man should boast."

"Buddha is pretty funny," said Black in the believermag.com interview. "Buddha is the coolest, though. If I had to go with one, I'd probably party with the Buddha." Here's news for Jack Black: You will be partying with the Buddha. But "party" isn't the word you're going to use for that experience.

It is telling that so many people mock the idea of Satan, the devil, also known as Lucifer in the King James Bible. Yet Jack Black, and other celebrities, will consistently tell of an affection for Satan. But, wait; I thought the devil wasn't real? I thought he had no power? Why do these people keep talking about him? Further, why cannot they keep the name of Jesus Christ out of their mouths?

You don't actually have to say "I love Satan" to love Satan. Do you understand that? Satan doesn't care what you worship, as long as it's not Jesus. He will not hinder your Buddha worship. You know why? Because the devil knows Buddha is not God, and Jesus is. When you worship anything or anyone other than Jesus Christ, and Him alone, you necessarily "love Satan." The devil is very happy about that. Anything but Christ. 

This is why the New Testament warns of making your love for Christ greater than anything or anyone else; in fact, making any other love "hate" by comparison. This is a much misunderstood passage but with proper discernment it makes sense.

Notice how this IMDB (Internet Movie Database) post comes right out and says that Jack Black is "an unashamed worshipper of Satan," then tries to tell us that his statements are "firmly tongue-in-cheek." Folks, that last part is just a straight lie. Black isn't joking. Even if he was, who but a fool and reprobate would make light of such things? The fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of knowledge. Jack Black isn't even on first base of having wisdom. 

Jack Black on NBC with Stone Phillips, 2005: "I remember I prayed to God." [Was it really God he prayed to? Maybe, but what answered him was another "god." Remember, Jack Black is "kind of an atheist." For those who are logically-challenged, that means he could not have been praying to God.] "I was like, "Just let me be on TV." Let my friends see me on TV in a good thing. I like, if I'm funny a little bit on a commercial and then I don't need to act ever again. "Just let them see me." And then it worked. I got the commercial. I was on TV. My friends all saw me. I was a kind of a star at school for like three days. And then it faded away and I was hungry and I had to like make another deal with God. I remember it still."

It wasn't the true and living God he made a deal with. And if by some slim margin it really was, the real God is not smiling benevolently down at the things Jack Black does and says. If you think otherwise, you are beyond reason at least at this moment. Pray for discernment.


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