Irrelevant Things to a Christian... or SHOULD be.

1. Flat earth vs. planet/round/ball earth.

2. Is that a Male or a Female?

3. Big Brother's watching... and, so? God always was. His gaze is more important.

4. What other believers are doing their spiritual run/walk/race. There's where we are today.

-we are sposed to preach the word, be instant, to all creatures. But this idea, said more and more by professing Christians, that we should not try to give the gospel, and tell people that there is exclusivity and many will be left out... going aginst the Bible's plain commands... and, we ARE sposed to teach preach and bear wth one another. Admitting that we're all project.s Howver, when it comes to tryna scrutinize other Chrsitians we ned to back down and managae outselves. There's a balance there. 


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