Hollywood Christians


It's easy to say "just entertainment" or "well, there are really people who act like this" when Hollywood mocks Christians. They mock by giving you a cardboard cutout of Christianity. The Christians are either being laughed at, or some wicked person is portraying a Christian and turning the character into some type of lunatic. This is an agenda. It's a plan.

The truth is that there are messed up people in real life who call themselves Christians.

But there are godly people too, who speak well of God and seek to obey Him because Jesus said that's how you show your love to Him.

These true believers, imperfect and sincere and believing that there is an inspired, preserved word of God that we have access to as long as there is a world here... these true believers are not shown on Hollywood production. Understand I use "Hollywood" to represent Hollywood, Disney, indie films, the cartoons, and anything that exalts the world.

The real Christian is marginalized, not seen in Hollywood nor popular media. They will show snake handler Christians before a true man of God. They'll usher a real preacher outta there!

The so-called Christian characters are almost always saying the church jargon that unsaved Hollywood producers and writers think is legit. These writers and show creators paint a fictional picture and those of us who spend a lot of time consuming their work, fall for it. Not only lost unbelievers, who have rejected teh truth and person of the Lord Jesus Christ and are currently on their way to hell... but professing Christians, and even actual Christians, who nonetheless sit in front of Hollywood and Disney and all that junk. 

These fictional Christian characters do awful things and do it in the name of the Lord. Again: Lots of real-life professing Christians do and have done horrible things in the name of God. But that just means they've stumbled. We, I should say. A real Christian will repent and stand back up and walk the walk. But when is the last time you have seen that in all those programs and movies you like watching?

These producers and writers and actors will NOT show a genuine child of God, who's born again, a King James Bible believer, who knows his scripture and divides it correctly, and so on... you're not going to see that character. Because it conflicts with what all these Hollywood types think of Christians and Christianity and ultimately of the Lord Himself. They hate Christ, and we've got to understand that. They are Matthew 8:44 men and women, which means they are children of the devil. What is a child f the devil? Let Jesus tell you:

CLIP SHOW/stills of notable Christian characters, falsely so-called.

Bloodsport convict.


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