Hip hop's love for sodomy

Hip hop is gay (or gay-affirming)

And always has been.

Compare to the baphomet spirit of rock and roll. They are the same, or at least sister, spirits.

Homosexuality, sodomy, is the deletion of God's image. That's the difference between it and other sins. It is all sin if it's sin, true... but gossip, theft and such are not on that level.

There is a such thing as a "sin unto death." Being unrepentantly gay falls into that category.

Kanye cross-dressing.

Li'l Wayne and Baby and what's happened to Wayne since then.

Jay-Z endorsement of gay.

All the rappers have always liked to talk about people and rival rappers being on their lap (we won't use their explicit language here but you get the idea, if you are taking in these words you already know the phrase). [use true lies playlist]

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