"The heart doesn't lie"

True or false?


The Dalai Lama is a liar. You can go all over the Internet and find quotes of the Dalai Lama, where he spreads his false, feel-good religion to legions of deceived people.

You might ask how I can call such a nice man a liar. Because I'm defining him and his religion by way of the King James Bible.

The Bible says, whoever denies that Jesus is God is antichrist and a liar. The Dalai Lama fits into that category. That is, the Dalai Lama is not going to hold up Jesus Christ as the only way, truth and life. So, again: The Dalai Lama is a liar. 

People like "inspirational" and "spiritual" thoughts like this one. The writer gives you phrases like "Start listening to your own heart" ... The problem is that listening to your heart is what gets you in trouble. Unless what your heart says matches up with what the Lord says is good for you, the results are always going in a wrong direction. 

"Listen to your own voice" the writer says. That means, don't listen to what God says through His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Yes, it does mean that, because it says there, "your OWN voice." Your own voice is different than that of Jesus. We are getting very basic here.

Be honest and admit that what your own voice and your own heart tells you to do, normally goes against what Jesus woudl have you do. 

We're going deeper than the trite "What would Jesus do" wristbands. 

Let's get up to "what would Jesus have ME to do?" That's a little bit different. Because what Jesus would do can easily be put off with "well, he's Jesus, and he's perfect, and I'm not, therefore I cannot do what he would do. So now, on to what my heart tells me..."

L&O #4 season 1

The Bible says that our hearts are deceitful above all things. Desperately wicked.

how many times has your intuition been wrong? How many times has your heart led you astray? yet you walk around thinking that "the heart doesn't lie." Maybe you're just remembering the times that your heart guessed correctly. Maybe you really did get a Holy Spirit help and attributed that right and true thing to your stinkin', rotten heart. Your heart is stinkin' and rotten, you know. Again, my job is to stick with the Holy Bible as the truth. I cannot just say, Well, I will depend on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to lead me. Because when you decide what Jesus is going to say, and how the Holy Spirit directs, you will go wrong, every single time. The King James Bible says, the word was with God, and the word WAS God. We know that Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh. So this is pretty straightforward. Jesus is the Word, and that means that we cannot just depend on the red letters, the Bible-recorded spoken words of Jesus, as the only thing Jesus ever said. First, when people say "I just read the red letters," I've personally found that those people are lying or at best mistaken. They haven't even read THOSE words. The people who say they are red letter Christians almost always reject some of those red words when they find out what all those red words actually say. They don't know what the red letters in Revelation tell us. Go and test this out for yourself. 

Right now I'm talking to someone who falls into this category, and he or she is angry with me for exposing their lies. Believe it or not, I'm trying to help you, the way I was angered and then finally helped by some people in my past. People came along and uncovered my self-deception with the words of God. I was forced to make some decisions--reject what I plainly knew was the truth... or repent, and believe, and therefore be changed and transformed and conformed to the true and living God. Still a work in progress of course.


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