Google : goddess worship & other new world agenda tactics

Understand that Google and other media outlets are, and must be, invested in promoting a satanic agenda to subvert our faith in the God of the Holy Bible. 

Yes, we are taking a shortcut to the essence of things: Christianity, and I mean true Christianity and not the bible-rejecting Christianity portrayed by Hollywood and other popular culture, must be broken down before the devil can make over the world in his image.

I understand that this kind of talk is very difficult for most people to endure. You won't get this anywhere in the world's media and entertainment. Even the "religious" media cannot say these things without being removed from the spotlight. When we launched Worthy Workman Ministries under a different name around 2010, we understood that there would be no worldwide acclaim, no big-time interviews or invites to megachurch conferences. WWM is on the hunt for the odd man and odd woman out. The ones who have discernment. If that's you, probably you already know that you're in a limited company. You and I must accept and keep reminding ourselves, that this company, this remnant of bible believers who actually want to walk by the word of God, is always going to be small. The world hated me, said Jesus, and when you follow me truly, you will be hated too. The servant is not greater than his master.

This is something that the professing believer who supports sodomy, gay, homosexual or whatever synonym you throw out there, the so-called Christian who eye rolls all the other things that God clearly says He hates, doesn't understand. They are deceived or are liars. You got a crucifix around your neck or on your shirt or body, and stomping with the Gay Pride parade? Something's wrong with your salvation. You have been taught wrong or you have openly rejected truth. 



Why does Google search engine page throw all of these mostly forgotten women at us, almost daily?

They want us to worship them. They want us to click the newest images and videos, and research these females.

"Well, men have already had enough attention throughout history." 

"The Google search page also highlights some men." The men that are featured up there are suspect. They're usually men who have stood up for women. And/or, they are forwarding some agenda, some propaganda, that may not directly hold up the female, but at least support a new world order. These are not strong, masculine men. 

"Oh, well, look: A man is crying because he's not getting attention." Saying that is not going to make me be quiet. Because it is bigger than that. I saw a woman write that about men who piped up about International Women's Day. "Poor widdle baby" and all of that. We're going to break down the things that this woman wrote in her attempt to shame men into silence about this issue.

Again, keep in mind that the whole "exalt the female" push is part of Satan's plan to flip most everything that God has set in His order. Man is the head of the woman as Christ is head of the church? Got to put the woman as the head. Male and female are distinct and separate? Got to mix it up and make one abomination that is neither male nor female.

The frustrating part is that so many professing Christians are okay with this stuff, and in fact help promote it "in the name of love." Except they forget, or never knew, that truth is love. 

The truth is love. John 14:6. 


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