New age pagan religion is connected with "goddess worship."

That means that when you reject the true and living God of the Bible, you're always going to end up reversing the Lord's order. You are going to lift up females above males, and you're going to say that there are no real distinctions between men and women.

The Google search engine constantly gives you "feminists" to research and worship. 

Some of us in the faith don't understand how large this issue is. They see the world exalting the female and they just think it's progress that is natural and they embrace it. We should expect the world to welcome that stuff. But the professing Christian who claims to love and believe the Bible is going to strive to walk in the Bible on some level, according to the light that God has given them.

If you claim to love and believe the Holy Bible, and you are really striving to walk in God's Word, which is the Lord Jesus Christ (the Word was with God and the Word was God), you are going to start to butt heads with the popular culture. There are no ways around that. 


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