"God loves everyone"

...or, "God's not mad at you!"

There is a conditional love and a grace love from the Lord.

He loves us all. That's why Jesus came. It wasn't primarily nor just to show us how to live. The sacrifice had to be made.

He loves us all. However, God is holy. 

John 14:6.

A pastor named T.D. Jakes said that there are sheep in the fold that we don't know about. He cannot preach the whole counsel of God without losing worldly status. So that pastor tries to split hairs by saying that you can get to glory, get to God, get to Jesus, without accepting John 14:6.

"But brother, the Bible says, Christ didn't come to judge but to save." That's because the Bible has already judged us all and found us wanting and condemned us. Say it again: WE ARE OR WERE ALREADY CONDEMNED. I think people believe that we start with a clean slate. In a certain sense we do, but not in this sense. As soon as we're born we go astray speaking lies. The sin is already there, like those terrorist cells you hear about. The cell just needs an activation, and it will be activated when it comes to the sin nature inside all of us. "That's not fair." It's not fair to let wicked people who hate God into glory. "Why you trying to send people to hell?" Why you trying to send everyone to heaven? Why do we deserve it? Well, we don't, really. But God, BUT GOD, made a doorway for us. A door, a gate, Jesus Christ.

"God's not angry at anyone" I hear people say. When lost people say it I understand. They are deceived and currently on their way to hellfire. When professing Christians say it, I admit that it vexes me.

God's angry at the wicked every day.

When he had looked about at them with anger

He began to upbraid the cities.

Terror of the Lord we persuade men.

I'm not here to judge people's salvation individually. I'm not qualified and neither is anyone else but God Himself.

But I know the rules of this war we're in. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Whoso denies Jesus Christ is an antichrist and a liar. This stuff is plain. You have to make an attempt to twist it and misunderstand. 

"Love everyone and let God sort it out."

True? False? Let's sort it out scripturally.

God loves everyone. But there ARE conditions. The main one is that you accept what Jesus did for you on that cross. I heard someone call the cross upon which Jesus hung, an altar. 

God doesn't want anyone to perish. But he knows that many, that most in fact, will perish. 

God does love you and me. Does that mean we should take advantage of that love willfully and without repentence?


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