God is a man.

Of course, I don't mean that God is a human being. 

I am saying that the Lord of the King James Bible is presented as male.

Our first clue: He is called the Father.

I'm always going to warn against the number of bible versions that people hold to, and going to recommend the King James Bible. I could and have given many reasons for this. Right now, the one that I focus on is, the so-called modern versions of the bible keep trying to change God. The bible is not supposed to evolve to fit the times. Except wicked people who are looking to make a lotta cash, produce evolving language bibles and deceived professing Christians pick these things up. Emoji bibles, transgender bibles... what's next?

"madre de dios" as in, mother of God. The Lord God of the Bible has no mother. He always was and is. There wasn't a time that existed without Jesus Christ. And there won't be.

The King James Bible is supernaturally perfect and fits together across the board. You can go and create a few schisms in its continuity, if you try hard enough. But really, you do that because you need to destroy God's word. You need to be able to say that there is no absolute here. 

Other "bible versions" blur or outright remove this distinction.

"God made them male and female" becomes "God made him (Adam) male and female." That small change is important. Follow that change down the line, and you see why even people in churches are now saying that people artificially switching up gender and gender roles is a good thing. Instead of the abomination that it is. 

"God is referred to as male and female in the Bible," you might say. Is this true or false?

Technically it's true. God of the Bible has some qualities that you might try to fit. You might try to say, this passage proves that God is female, too. 

God is described as having some typically feminine characteristics at times in the KJB.

But your problem is, He is still referred to as "He."


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