The Game

This artist's suicidal, nihilist outlook is as much the source of his success in teh world as his talent.

The thing about hip hop is, rappers are usually extremely authoritative. When their voices are interesting and delivery is quality, they can say almost anything, and people will find it cool. The rapper's confidence will put him over even if he is a dribbling idiot off the microphone. Even if he is completely uninformed. This is not unique to rap, of course. A smooth talker, a clever speaker. A rapper named Guru even made a song alluding to this effect, called "Mostly the Voice." He said, "it's mostly the voice that gets my point across."

"Kill me" lyrics yet always alluding to the Lord.

There is a quote from a female @ "if blacks boys need to call themselves "god" in hip hop songs and culture, let them, so their ego is raised."

El Chapo

"I am the god."


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