Gambling degenerates

"But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition." 1st Timothy 6:9

Bo 9-22-16 gambling

Philadelphia and New England wager about the Rocky statues.

Cities making best about certain things. Mayors. 

Right now, you might be thinking, "Those kind of bets aren't about someone getting wealthy." It is seen as cute and harmless. Making it maore interesting and friendly.

but it is a darkness. It encourages the "I wanna get paid" kind of wager. Why? Because it lessens the danger of wanting to get paid.

What people do is justify gambling by talking about "the times." As in, if you're with the times and modern and progressive and enlightened and evolved, you will accept gambling as okay and fun and even a good thing. Because, hey, we've cahnged as people and things that were evil in the "old days" are now okay. And all of this traditionalism needs to be jettisoned so that we can embrace pretty much anything.

Ben Maller. "This isn't 1957."

"States already have the lottery." So since the knife is already in your back. Let me slide it in further.

"Think of the money that could help people."

With gambling, sodomy, fornication of any kind, sin of any kind, people not oly want to do it, which they're free to do and free to reject God and free to then reap the consequences... they also want you to accept and endorse and even take part, or at least take pleasure. You either give in or you need to shut up and go away and never say that wrong is wrong or bring God into the discussion.

The scripture we started with here is about they who WILL be rich. That is how it connects to the love of money. Money itself is not the evil. It is the LOVE OF MONEY. Money is not evil.

People out in the world and in churches miss this all the time. Just listen, for the next time you hear someone mention that verse. I've heard it in movies and from media commentators: "money is the root of all evil." And when you hear that you know they don't know what they're talking about. It is the LOVE of money! 

That's where gambling comes in. Covetuous.

Fantasy gambling.

[video game]The play by play commentators, like the game's pop music, had been muted up until now. Finally listened to the voice talent endorse gambling during a game. Don't you think it's strange that, at a certain level of status and media exposure, NO media personalities nor journalists say something like "I think gambling is covetousness and wrong"? All of them say it's not only okay, but that you're a Luddite if you don't gamble... encouraging it, promoting it, and always knowing some morphing "spread".

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006 Herd episode. "Raiders ARE Vegas"

"NFL hypocrites" Well, he would know about hypocrisy.

Gambling glorification. Holding Vegas up as the arbiters of wisdom. CLIP SHOW here and on "Vegas worship"

Truthfully, gambling DOES fit now, because America has declinded, and are so jaded, sinful and covetuous. So the more right, good ole days are seen as evil to evil people.

Good is evil to evil men.

"Nonsense to be scared of Vegas and gambling in general." Sin City. It's nonsense, actually to run toward evil.

We're far down the line as a nation and world. So yes, Las Vegas and gambling certainly do fit with our way and ways...


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