Wishmaster 2

priest who came off the street life, apparently recently.

I do this not to entice you to watch this stuff. It's just that I watched this kind of stuff, and many of you who are consuming my words right now watch or have watched shows similar to it. You are entertained at the sam etime you are being indoctrinated, trained, conditioned, to doubt the God of the Bible. The movies and music and sports are constantly feeding you some things that are affecting you, and you don't think that it's happening. So, when someone like me comes along and tries to warn y ou, you are offended, partly because you want to keep your entertainments, and have a blindness. Mainly because you are resisting the conviction of the truth.

Priest who starts off not believing in the devil. Again, I use certain films that I remember from my youth and early adulthood to paint a picture, to illustrate what's going on. This priest doesn't believe in the devil until he goes up against a demon, a devil. Not THE devil.

This particular devil tries to claim, through the film's writers, that he is of a different dimension or something than the Bible reality. As if his hell is different than the one Jesus Christ describes over and over. No, this devil is part of it and so are all of the false religions' devils. They're all going to end up in the same hellfire as those human beings who reject the Lord Jesus Christ. The same hell as Satan will inhabit.


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