American public education and homeschooling

LaRoche, baseball player. Child in the locker room LaRoche retirement. Taken to task for passing up future money. Kids at work. Part of the rebuking from the world was about a dad keeping his child close to his side. Bo 3-16-16-175 & 185. "Not big on public school."

why homeschool? because american public ed is soaking children in perversities like sodomy and callimng it not only accepatable but healthy. Obama spent lots of time tellling us that sodomites are better people overall.

Home schooling

Home Schooling Is Not a Crime  By Michelle Malkin, Jewish World Review Published Jan. 24, 2018


commenter named TM:

We are a homeschool family. My oldest went to a public elementary school where she was bullied until we made the change to a private school. When time for my second to attend we decided to check out the public school system for options. Visiting a few schools and the Board of Education enlightened us to the fact that the schools were not up to standards academic wise. The one school close had a waiting list. We enrolled in private school again but later decided to experience homeschool for my se

cond and third children. My second homeschooled through 11th grade and decided to go to a private school he's senior year. In his sophomore year he had taken an engineering elective at a larger private school. He had now completed his first year of college in an engineering program. My third homeschooled until it was time for his freshman year of high school and decided he would like to go to a private school. He did experience some bullying there. He is currently finishing his senior year at home. We homeschool through an accredited college prep program that offers streaming through their high school. They keep all records and transcripts. I'm issued all teacher materials, all of his books, tests, quizzes, a daily schedule, and we have access to over the phone tutoring when needed. I mail in his tests and progress reports with all grades from quizzes, book reports, and projects. Both of my homeschooled children did quite well on standardized testing. My third has many college offers, just as my second did. They have a well rounded education along with a wonderful social life. They were both involved in travel sports and are very involved in our church. Both musically inclined, and lead in other areas. My third actually helped in establishing a non profit organization to help children and their families who suffer with childhood cancer. We do know families who have homeschooled that have certainly not met the best of educational or social standards. We've also experienced the negatives of out of the home schooling, such as private and public schools. I have experienced the bullying from my own childhood public school days. I was also abused physically, sexually, verbally, and emotionally. Even though I was often tardy and absent and went to school with marks, nobody ever caught on to that fact. With that said, to lump every homeschool family into the pile is just as wrong as it is to say that every public school or every private school is in the same box. It's simply wrong and anyone who thinks this way has been greatly misinformed. The simple truth is that abuse happens in the home, in churches, in the private schools, and in the public schools. It's not caused by homeschooled parents. It's caused by wicked and deranged behavior. Point blank, I am the parent of my children, that I love and discern what's best for them, academically and otherwise.


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