DMX and the spirit of Hip Hop

"DMX lyrics make me want to kill someone!"

You can find these kinds of comments in many places.

Why do rap consumers say that? Because there is an actual spirit behind the words of DMX, and behind any entertainer you care to name.

DMX would include prayers in his albums. But who was he really praying to?

It is possible to be saved in eternity (meaning, you get to spend the rest of existence beyond your physical, natural life in glory with the Lord Jesus Christ), yet miss out on some rewards at the judgment seat of Christ. Why? Because you spent your time on Earth glorifying things of the world.

So, I'm not here to judge DMX (Earl Simmons) as to the state of his salvation. But his works, and his own words, judge him before me and you.

"Only God knows his heart!" Yes, and God gave me eyes and ears in order to judge rightly, using God's perfect, inspired, preserved words, contained in the King James Bible. Since I can't see another man's heart, I must judge using what he says and does. Again: Not to call out his final destination, but to know whether to listen to him, or to fellowship with him. 

On those last points, I judge that DMX is someone who either is not a brother in Christ, meaning I should not spend meaningful time with him except to preach the truth; or he is a seriously compromised brother in the faith that I should try to restore to true righteousness using scripture. 

This stuff is so basic that it is almost painful or laughable to record it. But people are less than basic in their thinking, partly because logic and reading actual books and accountability have been largely pushed aside in America. It is a big job that I have, and better men than me weren't very successful. The Bible says that the preacher won't win everyone to the truth. The man who stands up for God and His words is meant to be mocked and despised. The Bible also says, Don't stop trying.

Preach in season and out.


DMX's conflicted faith always smelled false to me. partly because i could relate. But lots of people embrace it. Why? Because they were and are conflicted. They want that mix of sacred and profane. And it casts the bible believing Christian out as too strict, too legalistic or whatever synonym you hold.


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