The devil is pre-emptive. 

One way that Satan is pre-emptive is that he counterfeited the virgin birth, before the actual virgin birth.

When the Lord said in Genesis, that the woman would have a seed, the devil could deduce some things.

Nimrod. Phalluses. Using the Father to create the son, who then rules with his mama, as his go-to. It's a twisting of what the Bible tells us about the Godhead.

So people who are truly seeking God but don't want Christ to hold them accountable will not see this decption. They'll feel intelligent in their unbelief and science worship. 

They'll say; See? That virgin myth already happened over here.  I studied this. It's history, and it happend before Jesus lived.

Going by man's understanding, and by man's time, that's true. But they don't get how much smarter Satan is than we are. 

Jesus Christ was already around before his life as a man on the earth. "Before Moses was, I am." ... "In the beginning, the Word was with God and the Word was God." 


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