Dennis Rodman

"The city kind of embraced me, but what’s his name, Popovich, he hated me. “He hated my guts because I wasn’t a bible guy. They looked at me like I was the devil.

"Bible guy"?, Dennis Rodman? You mean, a Christian? 

I hesitate to call NBA coach Gregg Popovich a bible-believing Christian anyway. He is part of the world system, specifically high-level competitive professional sports, which encourages and rewards strife and contention. The real, actual Bible tells us the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Book of Galatians, chapter 5. God also tells us the works of the flesh. Works of the flesh are things that go against God.

Jesus Christ said that there are children of the devil. He wasn't just talking to certain people at that moment. He was describing a type of person as a child of the devil. Now our "God loves everybody unconditionally" fake Christianity has pretty much taken over everyone's minds. But true Christianity balances "God loves everybody" with "God is holy." 

I like to get very basic because it cuts through a lot of the "but what about this" type response. To the best of my abilities, I'm going to force you to take a side, either for or against the words, the capital W Word, of God. 

"I said, my god, am I the same guy that helped get David Robinson a scoring title and MVP? Am I the same guy that averaged 19.3 rebounds per game for you. Am I the same guy who won 68 damn games? Am I that same guy, but you guys don’t like me? So I said, ‘OK, trade me.’ They traded me to the damn Bulls.”

I highly doubt that a real, quote, "bible guy" would hate Rodman's or anybody's guts. Now we can get into biblical hate--for instance, the fact that the King James Bible says that God hates sin, and on some level does hate the sinner, too. But Dennis Rodman and most of you don't understand biblical, righteous hatred of evil and sin. 


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