Feminist apologist hypocrites

"Weaponized feminism" Cooley 

Notice the sermonaudio comments from the women who are protesting the preacher's message, or really the Bible's message. These protesting women, who say that "feminism worked for me and my family" had no scripture to back them up. It was all "we disobeyed plain directives from the Lord, in the name of progress, 21st century living, modernism, equality falsely so-called, or whatever... and we didn't explode to bits or end up in prison. So it's all good."

"Well, MY paretns been married x years and my dad is okay with my mother running ramshod over him."

So it is personal anecdotes vs. the Bible.

Just because something worked out okay doesn't mean it's okay.

Feminists play both sides of the fence: They want to be taken seriously, respected, and be the leaders of males. At the same time, they encourage and take part in degrading females, and tempting men. 

Entertainer Amy Schumer on the cover of GQ magazine poses in a suggestive way, with a robot. Anyone who calls her out for being unstable and double-minded is the bad guy. Call it what you want...








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