Celebrity Worship Syndrome
Celebrity worship has been identified as one of the most common ways of idolatry these days. Researchers report that about one third of people (thanks to daily gossip columns in the tabloids and ubiquitous celebrity news in the media) suffer from Celebrity Worship Syndrome,an actual syndrome that can become obsessional, replacing conventional relations.

A fan shows a lively interest in a celebrity at the first stage. Perhaps a fan’s interest gets far too lively since the person becomes addicted to information on his idol’s private life. He begins to avidly pay attention to all kinds of news relating to his idol e.g. wardrobe items or details of the latest fall-out between the star and his producer etc. Fans feel anxiety and tension and may develop depression if the flow of information on a star’s life runs dry temporarily.

social media users display their worship for other people

About 10% of enthusiastic fans reach the second stage as the syndrome takes shape and people become confident that they form some kind of a “special relationship” with their idols. Manifestations vary. A fan may be certain of his or her close supernatural ties with the idol or his relation by blood.
Fans may suffer from obsessional conditions at the third stage of the syndrome. Criminal behavior on the part of a fan cannot be ruled out in some cases.

Taken from HULIQ. Read the Wikipedia definition of "Celebrity Worship Syndrome" here, since many people these days will only believe information if it's from a major/popular news source. Wikipedia describes CWS as a psychological disease, but know that it is simpler than that... 

celebrity worship is idolatry, 

and idolatry is a sin. 

Understand that worship is not just about physically bowing before someone or something. It is a matter of the heart. What you give time and affection to is what you worship. True Christians "walk with God" daily and moment by moment. That is worship in spirit and truth. 
QUOTE: Marina Girch, 14, Queens, New York: "I want to kiss Eminem very badly 'cause he's hot. I like short and scrawny guys."
--XXL magazine, 08/2000

The world walks and talks with things of the world. Entertainments and distractions and technological toys. If you don't worship the true and living God, then you necessarily worship something or someone else (maybe even yourself). This is idolatry, and idolatry is sin according to the Bible.

So are you infected with this "disease"... this sin?

Jonah Hill on Saturday Night Live

Jonah Hill tried to be slick about flashing the "I love you Satan" hand signals, during his 2012 Saturday Night Live appearance.

In this skit, he's a little Jewish boy with the gift of gab, and wild hand motions. Those hand motions were the vehicle for Hill to repeatedly flash various horn signs.

Remember that very few of us do anything by happenstance. Everything that you do is determined by a number of factors. The bottom line is, by the time someone like Jonah Hill achieves success, he has learned the art of calculation. Each action is chosen within a "big picture" mindset. Andre Agassi summed it up better than he knew: Image is everything.

Celebrities all have the Internet; they all search engine themselves at least occasionally--just as you do. So any famous person who says they don't know what these hand signals mean is kidding himself. 

The fact that they all continue to flash it, and can get many of us to "love Satan" too, should be like a spit in the face of the American consumer. But most of us just tolerate anything.

Jonah Hill's choice of seemingly random finger movements is clear. It's almost like he had  to pay homage in the viewers' sight, and this was the greasy way to do it.

Hill also played a guy whose groin was a magnet for tennis balls. Hidden inside this head-shaker of a skit, was a ghost-spirit-demon, seen only by special illumination, that hit Hill's character with tennis balls, too. SNL producers and writers know better than most that unseen demons can cause us harm. How do I know that they know this? Because lots of their inspiration for the sketches and laughs come from unclean, profane spirits which are from hell.

Another skit presented Hill's character as a simian researcher who is far too involved with his study subjects. Enough said.

Any discerning person knows that Saturday Night Live is not for anyone who claims to love Jesus. It is no accident that the show ends early Sunday; Lorne Michaels and associates surely planned this, unconsciously or not.

Think about it: An unaware churchgoer may go to bed after the closing curtain at 1:00 a.m., then hit the pew bare hours later with SNL's images still in his or her head. I know this, because many years ago, I was one of those people.

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness." (Matthew 6:22-23, KJV)

There is no way to worship properly, fully in the Holy Spirit, after watching SNL, or most television. People who call themselves followers of Christ are just as sightless as the unsaved over this issue. That's because we are saturated with sex... violence... death. We want to think all of that is normal. The world keeps giving me reasons to believe in Jesus. This is just a partial record of that awakening.

Katy Perry & Justin Bieber 

on late night talk shows

Katy Perry was on Jay Leno's Tonight Show in 2012, doing her best to pay homage to her gospel past. She talked about moving to Los Angeles at age 17. "L.A. felt like a big ole evil place!" Perry said.

Leno leaned back and laughed a little too knowingly. "Oh, you're right about that!" he said...

Later, she talked about sneaking rock CD's and piercing her own nose to defy her folks. "God bless them," Perry says of her parents (with only a slight eye roll) for putting up with the self-described 'black sheep' of the family...

Proverbs 30:20, “Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness.”

To her own conscience (if she have any left) she denies the fault, and will not own that that great wickedness is any wickedness at all, but an innocent entertainment. Thus multitudes ruin their souls by calling evil good and out-facing their convictions with a self-justification. - Matthew Henry

At the same time, Justin Bieber sat in David Letterman's guest seat, promoting his latest work, Believe. It was clear that this album meant more than anything to Bieber. Either that, or he is developing a hard sell technique: "Well, my mind's REALLY just been on this album," he repeated in various ways.

Later, he got onstage and sang about a hypothetical relationship. The song may have been recycled from 1991 R-n-B. If I hadn't tossed my old music into the garbage, where Bieber's music belongs, I'd go back and check...

"Believe" is an album title that fits today's world perfectly. Pseudo-religious, New Age-y, and senselessly inspirational, all in one word. Believe in Justin, eh?

John 12:43: "For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God."

They set these two in the scale one against the other, and, having weighed them, they proceeded accordingly. Many come short of the glory of God by having a regard to the applause of men, and a value for that. - Matthew Henry

Chelsea Handler on Jay Leno's Tonight Show

Chelsea Handler was on Leno in 2012, doing her usual filthier-than-thou schtick. It is difficult to shock anyone these days, but she tries.

In the unsaved world, blasphemy is always a favorite weapon of comedians, and of people who want to be funny in general--it's like the "lost" version of a major league fastball... a weapon to fall back upon when no other pitch is working. 

"The only time I want to be screaming 'oh God' is in the bedroom," Chelsea Handler said at one point. It got a big laugh, of course.

What do we mean by "lost"? In short: A lost person is anyone who does not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died for our sins. This is really the only thing you can do to miss out on heaven... that is, to get sent to hell... yet 90% of people don't truly believe that Jesus is the Lord of all creation. We say this with great sadness. The main reason for the Worthy Workman Ministry is to reach that random person who may be convicted when he or she reads or hears these words.

Sometimes TV studio audiences remind me of paid sycophants. In the remake of the film "Bedazzled" starring Brendan Fraser and Liz Hurley, there is a scene in the devil's nightclub. 

The devil (Hurley) leads Fraser's character past smiling and fawning people, but the party is an illusion for his sake. These people are actually demons and hell-bound humans, writhing and screaming in pain beyond Fraser's vision. There are scenes like this in other films. 

When I see and hear some of the TV and pop music crowds, being hip and  mindlessly laughing at wickedness... when I hear a crowd of young girls screaming with some mixture of agony and glee at the sight of a flavor-of-the-day celebrity... that's what I think of--people who are like the proverbial frog in a slowly-heating pot of water.

Exodus 20:4-5 (the second of the Ten Commandments) couldn't be any more clear... 

"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God..." 

Did you see that word... JEALOUS? Do you think God isn't jealous when you and I think about movie actors and rock stars all day? 

But you say, "Wait a minute, I don't worship any celebrities as a god."

Oh really? Women all across America are rushing to get plastic surgery and breast implants so they can look like their favorite celebrity on TV. Everything from the clothes people wear to the cars they drive nowadays are affected by Hollywood. People's minds are absolutely saturated with celebrities! That is idol worship. 

People's minds are consumed with celebrities of all sorts, from music to movies. Does anyone care about the Word of God anymore? A lot of people SAY they care about God, but then hypocritically despise, reject, and loathe God's Word... "Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me" (Mark 7:6).

Randy Jackson Reps Whatever

Randy Jackson made a 2011 appearance on the NBC show, "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." Randy Jackson is a world-class bassist who has played with all-time musicians like Jerry Garcia and Carlos Santana.

If you are a big music fan, those names might mean a lot to you. If you are also a self-labeled Christian, they may mean less, once you know that Jerry Garcia (d. 1995) didn't believe in any supernatural being. 

Garcia said, "I believe real Christianity is okay. I just don't like the exclusivity clause." (Translation: I'm lying. Actually, I don't believe real Christianity is okay.)

But he believed in something--after all, the Grateful Dead were called "The Warlocks" before Garcia realized the name was taken. Read this interview:

David: What about the subjective experience a lot of people talk about that there's a group-mind experience that occurs at your shows?

Jerry: That's been frequently reported to me. In fact, even more specifically of direct telepathic connection of some kind...

Rebecca: I'm thinking of it more as a spontaneous non-causal experience which is being mediated by something greater than either yourself or the audience.

Jerry: You might think of it as a kind of channeling. At the highest level, I'm letting something happen - I'm not causing it to happen. We all understand that mechanism in the Grateful Dead and we also know that fundamentally we're not responsible.  We're opening a door, but we're not responsible for what comes through it. So in that sense, I can't take credit for it. We're like a utility, like a conduit for life-energy, psychic energy--whatever it is. It's not up to us to define it or to describe it or to enclose it in any way. [emphasis added]

What these people are talking about is channeling, or summoning, spirits. They are open about this. The spirits they are activating or "allowing" in are not of God. These spirits are part of the reason that Garcia and Santana and Jackson have the power over you that they do. Their music and other entertainment cast a spell, if you will, over you.

Carlos Santana has a demon named Metatron that he communes with--they are quite the songwriting team. How do we know Metatron is of the devil? Because Santana never mentions the Lord Jesus Christ, though he loves to talk about 'angels.' 

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. (2 Corinthians 11:14-15)

Back to Randy Jackson. Look at his outfit during the Fallon appearance. What's Randy telling you? Do you know, or are you without any vision at all?

The shirt, cross and boots tell a story. Red boots that look like horns if the wearer is reclining. Skull n cross bones shirt that reads "Cult Pride." And of course, the ubiquitous cross on a necklace to complete the blasphemy against Jesus. Unclean spirits that operate in and through people are obsessed with the crucifix. See more here.

People don't do anything by accident.  Randy Jackson is fully aware of the message he's sending in this public appearance. He does not love the God of the Bible and purposefully is transmitting this message to all of us.

Turn off your television... if you can.


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