Bo 5-19-16 175. Momentum and God talk.

Understand that this man is slickly presenting his atheism. Understand that Bomani Jones is not an original thinker. He's just a quick talker. He has no spiritual wisdom nor discernment. He is on the broad way which leads to destruction. God might help him turn aside. But that will be after Bomani's philosophies have influenced a lot of people.

See: "It doesn't matter"

"Why you out here believing in stuff?"

Bomani head meme with cartoon balloon.

"I am not humble at all."

time stamp his quotes.

Sounds like Lucifer. Is it just entertainment? Even if it is a persona it is not.

When you get away from God, when you try to run from the Lord, you end up in darkness. It is necessarily a pursuit of darkness. In the Lord there is no darkness at all, he is all light. Not the gnostic or mystic enlightenment that we get from Buddhism or Free Masonry. But true light.

The fact that some men love darkness leads them to insane, erroneous thinking and teaching. You end up mocking, making a joke of, the things of God. They acknowledged Him not as God. You will end up standing for and with the things of the devil, by way of the world.


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