Black gods

You can couch or seat or wrap this "access and activate the god within you" stuff with black pride/consciousness. You can then call any black who says it is wrong and antichrist an Uncle Tom, in a reflexive way. Whites are simply dismissed as racists quickly.

Hip hop is a religion that denies the true and living God. 

I heard a preacher scoff at the idea of hip hop as a religion. He has a point in what he says. Hip hop is merely a rebellion. 

But I think that preacher might have been too quick to dismiss KRS-1 and Afrika Bambaata. Because in a way it is still a religion. The followers have other gods and rituals and sacrifices. I agree it is not a religion in how that preacher sees "religion." But by definition, hip hop really is a religion.

There is a true religion as described in James 1:27. When you hear people say often "religion is dangerous" and such, they are correct. But that is not true religion. "Religion has murdered many people in the name of God." Also true. However, the people who do and have done such things "in the name of God" are not following the New Testament path that a Christian is meant to follow.

Let us be balanced. In the Old Testament, before the time of Jesus Christ, those who claimed the Lord were allowed and commanded by God to take out His enemies. This is not that kind of dispensation. 

We have to get really basic here because people simply don't want to understand the truth. I have found that out the hard way. We spend all our time under the light of the world's wisdom, in the form of social and major media and Hollywood and pop music and such. So when the Bible is in play, we come at scripture from those angles and therefore we cannot even grasp what the words of God even say. 

I've been on both sides of this. It can be frustrating from both sides. There's got to be a striving for the truth. And you cannot properly strive for the truth and seek the righteousness of God, until you separate from the world's version of truth which does not match up with the King James Bible except by accident and in spite of itself. 


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