Begging the Lord

Proverbs. the poor entreat, the rich answer roughly.

"You dont have to BEG God, brother," some say to me. I always notice there is almost a sneer on their faces when they say this to me. "God has grace, mercy, He WANTS to give us our hearts' desire."

You be presumptuous if you want to. I want to maintain a healthy, I say a HEALTHY, fear of God. Not only reverential respect. Fear. Because He can turn out my light in an instant.

We do understand that if we ask anything in His name, He will do it, that is, Jesus. So, "see? We are supposed to be bold and ask with confidence." I agree with that reading.

But there is a condition right there before us. "In HIS name." That means the power is all His. Not even partly us and mostly His. We couldn't do anything without the Lord. We can't breathe, we can't swallow water to push down a piece of bread. Through Him do all things consist. He holds it all together. 

So that's why, even as I approach with boldness to His throne through prayer, I am going to do so with a meek and quiet spirit, which is in His sight of great price.


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