Basic points about baptism. This is baby food stuff for a Christian who reads his King James Bible. But the information can't be in too many places, especially today as the truth is cast aside. There may be a believer who comes across these words and has never been preached to about baptism.

Baptism does not save.

There is no such thing as infant baptism. Babies cannot understand the gospel and make a conscious decision. You run up against the Catholic traditions, and the traditions of the Protestant, protesting denominations, and their sprinkling of infants with water or anointing them with oil. The true believers were murdered throughout history for not keeping to this practice. Now, this is not taught in public schools or the media. 

Sprinkling, christening, dedications, as Christians of babies is a way of keeping that mark on each person. It marks them for a false religion, a false sense of eternal security. Trying to incorporate that into New Testament local churches.

Old Paths Cooley

Hollywood examples of infant baptism. movie: "Above the Law" Seagal

Since the lost world and many NT churches are soaking in Hollywood and popular media's agendas and philosophies, that constant imagery has shaped their beliefs.

Vatican archives/website: "baptism"


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